Rogelio Fojo


From: Uruguay

On the strength of his first short-film, “Chimera”, Rogelio Fojo was chosen by Project:Involve to receive professional training and guidance. Project:Involve is a film mentorship, training, and job placement program whose mission is to increase cultural diversity in the film industry.

“The Project:Involve is highly selective as Honorees who are chosen demonstrate talent, originality, uniqueness of vision, maturity and responsibility, foundational film skills, passion, focus, have strong professional references, and have strong sample work.”

Cinematographer Nancy Schreiber, A.S.C, mentored Rogelio and they worked together in the 2001 Hollywood feature film “Buying The Cow” for Destination Films.

Rogelio followed up “Chimera” with two more award-winning short films, “Mary” and “The Movie Pitch”. He also wrote, directed and edited TV commercials for General Mills & The National Hispanic Circus, was invited by John Wells Productions into their Minority Directors Program and became a short-film screener for the Sundance Film Festival.

Currently, Rogelio is busy directing “The Stooge” – the pilot episode for the new FOX-approved TV series “One Million Times” -, from an original screenplay by sci-fi British author Christopher Priest (“The Prestige”), shot by Nancy Schreiber, ASC, and produced by Tom Joyner (“Jaws”).