Fernando Sorrentino


From: Argentina

My name is Fernando Sorrentino. I’m writing this in the first person to emphasize the truth of these statements. I was born in Buenos Aires on November 8, 1942.

According to some thoroughly credible testimonials, my stories are distinguished by a curious mixture of imagination and humor that sometimes takes a grotesque turn but always stays plausible. I prefer reading to writing and actually do not write all that much.

The fiction I have written comprises six short story collections (La regresión zoológica, 1969; Imperios y servidumbres, 1972; El mejor de los mundos posibles, 1976; En defensa propia, 1982; El remedio para el rey ciego, 1984; El rigor de las desdichas, 1994), a long narrative (Costumbres de los muertos, 1996) and a short novel (Sanitarios centenarios, 1979).

My books for children and young adults more or less have the same characteristics at a different level: Cuentos del Mentiroso, 1978; El Mentiroso entre guapos y compadritos, 1994; La recompensa del príncipe, 1995; Historias de María Sapa y Fortunato, 1995; El Mentiroso contra las Avispas Imperiales, 1994; La venganza del muerto, 1997; El que se enoja, pierde, 1999; Aventuras del capitán Bancalari, 1999; Cuentos de don Jorge Sahlame, 2001; El Viejo que Todo lo Sabe, 2001.

I am also the author of two books of interviews with Jorge Luis Borges, 1974; and Adolfo Bioy Casares, 1992.
Some of my stories have been included in anthologies in Spanish, English and other languages.
I write essays on Argentinian literature which normally appear in the daily La Nación (Buenos Aires).
Much like other writers, I have won some literary awards.

(Fernando Sorrentino has published several books in English: Sanitary Centennial; Selected Short Stories; How to Defend Yourself Against Scorpions.)