You’ve also written an original screenplay for a film called The Stooge. Can you tell us a little about that? How was it writing for film instead of the printed page?

The Stooge was originally written as a short story, a sort of footnote to The Prestige. After it was finished and published, I suddenly thought what a perfect little plot it had for a short film. So I wrote it, and put it away somewhere. Much later, I was in contact with a filmmaker friend of mine called Rogelio Fojo, who for years has harboured an insane and suicidal wish to make a feature out of my novel Inverted World. We were talking about that, talking about The Prestige, and I suddenly thought of The Stooge. When I showed it to him he grabbed it, and has had an option on it ever since. I think raising the necessary money is the main problem, because his interest in it hasn’t declined. If anything it has increased: he sometimes says he wants to expand it into a full feature. Meanwhile, we wait and see what will happen.” – Ryan Hill April 11, 2014

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